Santa Barbara (1160m) – Monte Stivo (2059m)

While it has been snowing and raining all week north of the Hauptkamm, letting the snow depths and the avalanche risk hit the roof, sunny weather was fore casted in the southern Alps. So we thought “What the heck, let’s go for the Lago”. Peter booked an apartment and got some tis from Manni, and me, Peter, Micha and Tapio sqeezed into Michas Golf friday afternoon, heading for Lago di Garda. The bad weather slowed us down considerably, and we needed four hours to get to Brenner, but as anticipated there the skies grew clearer as we decending on the mediterrean side of the Alps. In the dark we could not see weather the sourrounding mountains where coverd whith white or not. The dry ground in Arco made us somewhat cumbersome. Luckyly there were no reason to worry.

After a quick breakki we covered the first 1000 vertical meters in the car and parked in Santa Barbara which, as planned, was about 100 m above the snow line. It was a strange feeling to see the extremely Italian sourroundings all covered in snow. For me this was totally out of the context. Well above the tree line the view started to grew increasingly magnificent. The Lago, the in mist vanishing flatlands to the south, and the snow covered mountains in the north. All ready halfway to the summit we all knew that the trip was well worth doing!

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Well back below the Palm line (some 1000m below the snow line and 1300 m below the tree line) we could enjoy a beer in the sun at the shore of Lago di Garda, before hitting the pizza.

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Staffan, Micha, Peter, and Tapio
Date: 21st Feburary 2009
Location: Lago di Garda, Trentio, Italy