Innerst 1283m – Gilfert (2506m)

Crappy snow. Starting the ascend under a collapsing föhn, and taking into consideration that it hadn’t snowed since christmas, we did not raise much hopes for a great day. And indeed during the ascend the fog came and went sometimes letting us see the gipfelkreuz at the top of the Gilfert. As it turned out the cross must be one of the biggest in the alps, letting us believe that we were much closer than we were. But finally reaching the summit the skies cleared and the weather turned out beautiful after all. The snow however was some of the crappiest I have ever ridden… But anyway a great day on the mountain. I will come back when the snow is better — this is an excellent skiing mountain!

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Staffan, Micha
Date: 7th Feburary 2009
Location: Tuxer Alpen, Tirol, Austria