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Mina toppturer:

Ett ställe för mig att samla mina toppturer för senare referens, samt att dela med mig en del av mina erfarenheter på vinterfjället (om man nu får kalla alperna för fjäll).

Col Bechei Dessora (2794m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Thu, March 19, 2009 19:24:20

Lavarellahütte (2042m) – Limojoch (2174m) – Col Bechei Dessora (Pareispitze) (2794m)

For the last expedition of our short Dolomitian adventure we had chosen to conquer the Col Bechei Dessoura. At eight o’clock we start to ascend to the limojoch just above the Faneshütte. From there the tracks traveses along a steep face north of the limosee. Above the limosee a long and flat valley shows the way towards the summit. Again we have a magnificent view including Marmolada according to Micha. The skies are clear, but a chilly wind is blowing, making out hopes of nice firn vanish quickly as we ascend through the windpacked snow of the table top valley.

At about 2500 m above sea level, the flat valley comes to a stop, and we turn northbound climbing a steep , and I mean steep, face, frozen rock solid, towards the summit. Allthough a fall wouldn’t cause any bigger harm, except maybe a setback of some 200 vertical meters, the gradient makes my heatr beat some ticks faster than usual (or was it jaust the high altitude). Fortunately my harscheisen works beautifully, and apart from one spitzkehre, where I end up beween some loose snow and some rocks and need around five minutes to perfom the lappkast, the climb wasn’t all that bad after all. After the steep face there is a small plateau, from which there is a small ridge and a final ascend to the summit. The last part looked worse than it actually was. I seriously considered skipping the summit today as well, but in comparison to the steep face behind me the last 20 vertical was indeed a kinderspiel…

The feeling on the summit: fantastic.

The descend was crappy, which however was quickly forgotten over a last weissbeir at the Lavarellahütte before gliding down to the biggest ski touring parking lot north of sahara…

Date: 17th March 2009
Skiers: Micha, Staffan, Tapio
Plats: Fanes, West Dolomites, Südtirol, Italy

Zehnerspitze (Cima Dieci)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Tue, March 17, 2009 20:25:34

Lavarellahütte(2042m) – skidepot Zehnerspitze (~2980m)

After a good breakfast at the Lavarellahütte, we head for the “main tour” of the area, enjoying the excellent weather and the amazing panorama. The Dolomites are indeed very impressive mountains. The rock solid autobahn ascend tracks bear witness to the abundance of alpinistas of the past weekend. Today is Monday and the number of ski tourists are easily counted.
We ascend in gemütlichen tempo, enjoying the scenery, the wonderful
weather and almost perfect conditions, first over the flat valley and
then in serpentines climbing the increasingly steep eastern face of the
Zehnerspitze. Our guide book had stated the tour as difficult due to the ferrata fleading to the summit. At the ski depot we also realised why this was the case. The klettersteig is steep and exposed. Most of the people that day actually ascended to the summit, some safeguarding using harness, some without, but we were all in agreement to leave the summit in favour for a long and prosperous life… Using a guidebook from an author you don’t know, always requries some tours in order to get the grip of his/hers levels of difficult — at least now we now that when this guy says difficult, it is scary…

For the descend we choose the easternmost and steepest part of the face, where there still were some untouched patches. As the the snow wasn’t fully transformed, we didn’t want to let the slope waste too much time in the sun. The dowt to the”citadell” was fantastic. The rest of the descend is more to consider a transport back to the Lavarellahütte.

Back at the cabin, the sun was pouring in over the terasse, were we could enjoy a cold goldener pokal (or four), and continuing the endless discussion which of the mountains were Marmolada. In the end I do believe Micha were right.

16th March 2009
Skiers: Micha, Staffan, Tapio
Location: Fanes, West Dolomites, Südtirol, Italy

Forcella Ciamin (2395m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Tue, March 17, 2009 18:37:07

Berggasthof Pederü (1548m)- Picodelsee (1850m) – Forcella Ciamin (2395m) – Picodelsee (1850m) – Lavarellahütte (2042m)

The weather this year is somewhat strange. First there are winds blowing form the south in December and January giving South Tirol and Kärnten more snow than anyone can ever remember. Then, in feburary, the wind changes direction, leading to a prevailing nordsztau at the alp hauptkamm, giving bad weather in munich, a lot of snow in arlberg and extremely dangerous touring conditions. The only solution at the moment is to go south, where the sun is shining and the conditions are safe!

So me, Micha and Tapio declare monday and tuesday out of office and head down to the Dolomites for three days of sunny frühjahrstouren in südtirol. A fter a quick scan of guidebooks, maps, travel reports, and weather- and avalanche forcasts, the area around Faneshütte and Lavarellahütte (they are only some 600m apart — horisontally, not vertically) seems to offer nearly perfect touring conditions. As it turned out this was also the case!

Me and Tapio meet up at the Munich central station and hop on the 06:30 train to murnau. As this is the first train leaving munich in direction GaPa of a sunday morning, most of our co passangers are recovering from a great night on the town. In Murnau micha picks us up and we drive the three hours to Pederü. In pederü we have luck and manages to get a parking space in what could possibly be the largest ski touring parking lot in the world. I am happy that we have all ready booked beds in the Lavarellahütte. Well it is sunday and most of the people will leave in the afternoon, bokking weren’t necessary…

As we start the 500m (this time vertical) ascend to Lavarella we still don’t know whether we will do some proper ski touring today or just transport ourselves and our gear to the cabin. As we reach the large plateau surrounding the Pocodelsee, the sun is shining into the irresitible cirque under the Forcella Ciamin. Out ski touring goal is set for the day. The climb up to the small pass is unproblematic, but longer than we estimated from below (which has never happened before … ). During the ascend some large clouds have been rooling in fromthe north, together with a chilly wind. We don’t spend much time at the pass, deskin, and hit the slope. Unfortunately, in the shade from the clouds the moist crust of the snow has frozen, making it very difficult to ski. Still we all agree that the middle part was excellent…

After a short break at the lake, we reskin and head for the Lavarellahütte. Now with all ready almost 1000m vertical in the thisght the last 200 vertical meters on the quite flat road to the cabin is a real p.i.t.a. Fortunately they serve Forst at the cabin, for quick regeneration of the spirits…

Date: 15th March 2009
Skiers: Micha, Staffan, Tapio
Location: Fanes, Western Dolomites, Südtirol, Italy

Monte Altissimo (2079m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Tue, February 24, 2009 19:06:35

San Giacomo (1190m) – Monte Altissimo di Nago (2079m)

It yesterday was a great day on the mountain, today was even better. The mountain was better, the wetter was better, the view more magnificent, the snow was better, the sun was stronger, simply everything a little better. And above all a true Italian double espresso at the hotel bar just next to the parking lot before the ascent. Days like these, is what ski touring is all about.

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Link to Peter’s trip report on
Link to Micha’s trip report on

Participants: Staffan, Micha, Peter, and Tapio
Date: 22nd of February 2009
Location: Lago di Garda, Trentino, Italy

Monte Stivo (2059m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Tue, February 24, 2009 18:47:48

Santa Barbara (1160m) – Monte Stivo (2059m)

While it has been snowing and raining all week north of the Hauptkamm, letting the snow depths and the avalanche risk hit the roof, sunny weather was fore casted in the southern Alps. So we thought “What the heck, let’s go for the Lago”. Peter booked an apartment and got some tis from Manni, and me, Peter, Micha and Tapio sqeezed into Michas Golf friday afternoon, heading for Lago di Garda. The bad weather slowed us down considerably, and we needed four hours to get to Brenner, but as anticipated there the skies grew clearer as we decending on the mediterrean side of the Alps. In the dark we could not see weather the sourrounding mountains where coverd whith white or not. The dry ground in Arco made us somewhat cumbersome. Luckyly there were no reason to worry.

After a quick breakki we covered the first 1000 vertical meters in the car and parked in Santa Barbara which, as planned, was about 100 m above the snow line. It was a strange feeling to see the extremely Italian sourroundings all covered in snow. For me this was totally out of the context. Well above the tree line the view started to grew increasingly magnificent. The Lago, the in mist vanishing flatlands to the south, and the snow covered mountains in the north. All ready halfway to the summit we all knew that the trip was well worth doing!

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Well back below the Palm line (some 1000m below the snow line and 1300 m below the tree line) we could enjoy a beer in the sun at the shore of Lago di Garda, before hitting the pizza.

Link to Peter’s trip report on
Link to Micha’s trip report on

Staffan, Micha, Peter, and Tapio
Date: 21st Feburary 2009
Location: Lago di Garda, Trentio, Italy

Gilfert (2506m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2009 19:40:36

Innerst 1283m – Gilfert (2506m)

Crappy snow. Starting the ascend under a collapsing föhn, and taking into consideration that it hadn’t snowed since christmas, we did not raise much hopes for a great day. And indeed during the ascend the fog came and went sometimes letting us see the gipfelkreuz at the top of the Gilfert. As it turned out the cross must be one of the biggest in the alps, letting us believe that we were much closer than we were. But finally reaching the summit the skies cleared and the weather turned out beautiful after all. The snow however was some of the crappiest I have ever ridden… But anyway a great day on the mountain. I will come back when the snow is better — this is an excellent skiing mountain!

Link to Micha’s trip report on

Staffan, Micha
Date: 7th Feburary 2009
Location: Tuxer Alpen, Tirol, Austria

Grosses Pfuitjöchle (2196m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Sun, January 18, 2009 17:31:03

Bahnhof Lähn (1110m) – Kleines Pfuitjöchle (2196m) – Grosses Pfuitjöchle (2196m)

<mer info kommer>

Deltagare: Staffan, Peter Hutzler, Barbara
Datum: 11 Januari 2009
Plats: Lermoos, Österrike

Stuibenkopf (1924m)

toppturer 2008/2009 Posted on Mon, December 29, 2008 21:53:08

Bernadeinerhütte (1540m) – Stuibenalm (1640m) – Stuibenkopf (1924m)

Peter hade bokat Bernadeinerhütte på baksidan av Garmisch Partenkirchens skidområde för två nätter. Det är en (väldigt) liten ultramysig stuga utan el och vatten. Som tur är finns det ett dricksvattenuttag dryga två hundra meter därifrån, och vedbon var mer än välfylld.

Peter och Kathi plocade upp mig på GaPa:s tågstation klockan tre och vi är framme vid alpspitzbahns parkeringsplats tio minuter senare. Vi lyckas köpa loss tre dagskort av hemvändande skidturister för 3€ stycket, och kommer på så sett snabbt och smärtfritt upp på Osterfelder. Därifrån lite piståkande nästan ned till Bernadeinliftens dalstation. Där lämnar vi civilisatioenn och styr kosan mot vår lilla stuga. Det är -10 grader och stugan är helt genomfrusen. Men vi eldar på i ugnen och snart kokar tevattnet och händer och fötter börjar tina upp. Efter en god middag lagad på vedspisen och en flaska bättre rött, kryper vi till kojs.

Vi har ingen brådska mogonen därpå. Strålande väder och blott 500 höjdmeter gör att vi kan elda på ugnen, äta frukost och diska i lugn och ro innan vi börjar dagens topptur. Stuibenkopf är ingen spektakulär topptur, men vädret och utsikten är fantastiska. Vi konstaterar att det går två spår upp på Alpspitze, ett längs med ryggen och ett genom nyckelstället i oberkar samt att solen skiner i Wallgau, medan müchnen med omnejd är höljd i dimma — stackarna som stannat hemma är riktigt lurade. Matsäcken bestående av det sista vörtbrödet och südtiroler schinkenspeck smakar väldigt gott på toppen.

Snön är ok, men inte super. Nedfarten likaså.

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Deltagre: Staffan, Peter, Kathi
Plats: Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bayern, Tyskland
Datum: 29:e december 2008

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